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Class Posters

I will be teaching a class this summer to guide students through the development of their own self authored design projects. To announce and promote the class, I created this pair of posters.

Self Authored Design Posters

Post 742

North Texas Land Scholars

The North Texas Land Scholars is an organization that educates land owners on how proper land management can be both economically and ecologically beneficial. NTLS is now introducing a summer camp for high school students who are interested in being the next generation of land stewards. This poster, designed to promote that summer camp, combines a topographic map with an image of the bobwhite quail.


Post 732

Rebirth of Gyeongju

I’ve done a couple of previous posters for the Brand Design Association of Korea for their annual International Brand Design Forum & Exhibition. It’s always a bit of a rush job, but the creative freedom is hard to beat. This year’s exhibition had the (somewhat perplexing) theme ‘The Design Year of Gyeongju Rebirth.’


Post 711

Beez Bagels

Beez Bagels was going to be a small bagel shop that incorporated locally harvested honey into many of its recipes. After working on the the Beez identity for a bit, the client notified me that they were backing out of the business, thus canceling the entire project. Oh well, here are the logos that never were.


Post 704


In what has clearly become a trend to the point of self-parody, I once again designed a logo for a small local sports team. This time the local sports team is my older son’s, the unstoppable and perpetually undefeated Dragons of Denton, Texas. There’s a soccer ball. There’s a dragon. You know the drill.

Dragons Soccer Logo

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Mainly Animals

I created a new website to display my cruddy man-child drawings. The drawing are mainly of animals, but also of other things. Sometime in 2008, I started making these little doodles in my sketchbooks in between the serious thumbnails for actual design projects. Here they are. For the whole wide internet to see.

Mainly Animals thumbnail

Post 660

The Bone Crushers

It is becoming a habit of mine to do goofy logos for local amateur sports teams as a means of procrastinating from actual work. The Hockey Bunnies, Gold Diggers and War Kittens for example. In lieu of preparing for a major presentation that I need to give in Japan in two short weeks, I decided that my 3-year-old’s soccer team, The Bone Crushers, desperately needed a logo for their jerseys.


Post 655

Tim Scott

Local musician and friend Tim Scott asked me to quickly throw together a cover design for an EP called The Domino Hall Recordings. Only a short run of the albums were produced and sold mainly in Scotland. The design is a hand drawn version of the usual western-y tropes: slab-serif type, filigree and stars.

Tim Scott thumbnail

Post 634

Brand Korea

I was invited by the Brand Design Association of Korea to contribute a poster for their International Brand Design Forum and Exhibition. Projects like this, where there is little in the way of content or direction, are an opportunity to play with new design approaches. New to me, at least.

Brand Korea Poster thumbnail

Post 621

Typography Day Poster

Each year, the Department of Design at the Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati hosts an event called Typography Day. It consists of workshops, an academic conference, and an invitation for poster submissions over a particular theme. This year’s theme is ‘Between the Lines.’

Typography Day Poster

Post 594

Experience Passport Posters

To announce the day when our students’ experience passports are due to be turned in and stamped, I quickly created a few posters to hang in the classrooms. The illustrations were leftover drawings from my earlier exploration when designing the passport books. Each drawing is a before and after, showing the transformation that will take place as you complete the passports.

Experience Passport Thumbnail

Post 584

UNT Quail

UNT Quail works with researchers and landowners to create wildlife corridors for the northern bobwhite quail. By combining many fragmented plots of land, UNT Quail aims to provide increased habitat for quail to flourish. This logo design is a visual encapsulation of their mission.

UNT Quail

Post 537

Experience Passports

There is a Michael Beirut quote that often I use when explaining to my design students the value of a liberal arts education. Or, more specifically, to explain the value of reading novels, trying exotic foods, and watching reruns of The New Yankee Workshop. “Not everything is design. But design is about everything.” To that end, my colleagues and I in the University of North Texas communication design program generated a list of life experiences that we feel budding young designers should have in addition to their in-class studies.

Experience Passport

Post 577

War Kittens

A logo for an under-7 girl’s soccer team named the War Kittens. My goal was to create something that was equal parts adorable and terrifying.

War Kittens

Post 499

Gyeongju, South Korea

In Spring of 2012, I was asked to participate in the International Brand Design Forum and Exhibition in Gyeongju, South Korea. The theme was Place Culture and Tourism Brand Design (though I’m not sure what that means). I went to graduate school with one of the event’s organizers, so I was happy to help out despite having only a vague understanding of what I would be creating.

Gyeongju, South Korea Poster

Post 486

Right to Education

Poster for Tomorrow is an annual design event that attempts to draw attention and discussion to humanitarian causes. In 2011, the topic of focus was Right to Education, promoting greater access to schooling for people of all nationalities, income levels, and genders.

Right to Education Thumbnail

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Denton Domino Hall

The Denton Domino Hall is a music venue located in—you guessed it—Denton, TX. Each month a pair of musicians, one local and one national, perform on the Domino Hall’s porch. It’s an intimate outdoor setting and always a good time. To help promote the concerts I created a new identity mark for and a series of four silk-screened posters.

Denton Domino Hall

Post 458


The University of North Texas Communication Design program needed a call-for-entries poster to promote an alumni exhibition. As both a UNT professor and a UNT alumni, I was happy to have the opportunity to work on the project. The intent of the exhibition was to ‘reveal the best kept secret in design education,’ a theme that sparked both the title of the show and the poster imagery.

UNTold+new Thumbnail

Post 440

How the Sausage is Made

In February of 2011, I gave a poster presentation at the College Art Association annual conference in New York City entitled How the Sausage is Made: A Model of Communication Design Practice and Education. The result was 32 square feet of convoluted information graphics that included, among other things, a beef steer, butchering diagram, and sausage grinder—all integral components of the design process.

Poster Thumbnail

Post 323

Poster 4 Tomorrow

4tomorrow, an independent, non-profit organization based in Paris, is the annual host of an international project to promote active citizenship through the medium of design. I designed and illustrated a poster to raise awareness of breaches to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.